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Yes, there are bellydancers in the Midwest! 

Wichita, Kansas City, Lawrence, and Oklahoma City are home 

to various bellydance troupes. Dancers are featured at Regional Seminars, 

Renaissance Fairs, and Restaurants. 

(last updated 10/1/2020) 

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Big Bad Baghdad Band Fall Ren Faire 2007

Big Bad Baghdad Band Spring Ren Faire 2007

Big Bad Baghdad Band Spring Ren Faire 2005
Jasmine & Friend - Wichita, KS



About Suzanne 
Suzanne's Winter Class Session starts in January, with classes for all levels of dancers.  
Classes are at the Linwood Recreation Center in Wichita, KS.
Contact Suzanne or the Wichita Park Board for more information. 
Suzanne is the director of Troupe Cleopatra and Cleopatra's Jewels.

See Suzanne's music videos on YouTube:
Winter Mojo.


Upcoming events:

Aug 2021 - KC Raqs - Bozenka in Kansas City

Dancers: send me info about your events!

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Other Info:

Aalim Dance Company - St. Louis, MO. Classes for all experience levels. Live performances regularly. Contact Salwa at 314-956-9725.

Bellajhara - Lincoln, NE troupe & costume vendor.

Della - Omaha, Nebraska. Instructor, performer, workshop/seminar sponsor. Director and choreographer of "The Lotus Dancer" troupe. Teaches all levels of tribal and orientale.

Lotus Arts Studio - Belleville, IL. Teacher and perfomer. Contact Lauren

Megan - Norfolk, NE. Classes at the Norfolk Arts Center. Contact Megan at 618-397-1419.

Rahil - Prairie Village, KS (Kansas City area). Contact Rahil.

Sakinah Ali - St. Louis, MO. Teacher and performer. See Sakinah Ali.

Somra El Nubia teaching in St. Louis. Contact Somra El Nubia at 314-655-8763.

Radiya Taj - St. Louis, MO. Featuring student night the first Friday of the month. See Radhiya Taj

Shadia, instructor - Purple Rose of Cairo Dance Troupe, Tulsa, OK